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Manual of international aviation passenger
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Decide a passenger to takeInternationalAirliner, can set according to concerning toAviationPerson of sale agent of firm booking office books a seat. Already decided appropriateInternational, the passenger of area airliner seat, should pressAviationThe time limit giving a bill that the company sets deals with the formalities that buy a ticket. If did not buy a ticket inside the time limit that buy a ticket, what decide a seat to be cancelled namely, already decided appropriateInternational, area airliner seat, include the fare of couplet Cheng seat, when what deciding a seat to be not used, should decide to place as early as possibleAviationFirm booking office or agent put forward to abolish a place.

Seat reconfirm already decided appropriate add Cheng or returnInternational, the passenger of area airliner seat, if going up,machine location stays above 72 hours, should at latest takes off before 72 hours to decide a seat to give to place in the flight reconfirm, what decide a seat to cancel proper motion otherwise. If be in,add Cheng or retention period of return trip place are in 72 hours of less than, need not deal with seat reconfirm.

Passenger ticket passenger ticket (include a luggage check) it is the carriage proof between carrier and passenger, also be the proof that the passenger seizes the opportunity to make carry luggage, passenger ticket is restricted only him fare that the full name lists on the ticket is used. Passenger ticket must not be made over or alter, disable via the passenger ticket that make over or besmears.

The passenger ticket that average fare is worth passenger ticket period of efficacy, no matter be one-way, round-trip or annulus Cheng, period of efficacy is a year. The passenger ticket of special type fare and the term of validity that have the common passenger ticket of the discount, the concerned regulation by this fare is calculated.

The children under 12 one full year of life presses children ticket of adult full price 50% or 75% pay fee, have a place. Not full the baby of 2 two one full year of life presses adult full price 10% pay fee, do not take one place alone.

Seize the opportunity to takeInternational, the passenger of area airliner, designation airport must reach in formulary time, byAirline ticket, valid passport, visa and viatic certificate do appropriate to seize the opportunity to reach leave the country wait for each formalities. The passport that the passenger arrives at to appoint the airport or be carried without the time that presses a regulation, visa and viatic certificate do not accord with a regulation, and fail to do to appropriate seizes the opportunity and leave the country wait for all losses with of all kinds derivative formalities and responsibility by passenger conceit.
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