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Knowledge of electronic passenger ticket
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Electronic passenger ticketIt is development of our country Information Industry is reachedAirlineManage meticulous the inevitable result that turn, compare with traditional airline ticket photograph, Electronic passenger ticketHave cost low, easy system marketing, convenient passenger seizes the opportunity to wait for a characteristic.

In Euramerican wait for informatization developed country, Electronic passenger ticket, change without paper seizing the opportunity to wait already was special general phenomenon. After the passenger orders a ticket through Internet, can seize the opportunity directly in the airport by Id or passport only.

Electronic passenger ticketBe in our countryCivil aviatonThe bound still is a kind of burgeoning thing, but because of its huge vitality is being mixed for broad passengerAirlineBe accepted. Electronic passenger ticketAlso certainly will replaces form of existing and traditional passenger ticket stage by stage.

Electronic passenger ticketDoubt is solved:

1.Electronic passenger ticketEffective?
Electronic passenger ticketLike traditional airline ticket, it is active aviation carriage contract.

2.Electronic passenger ticketCan you submit an expense account?
As a result of reason of system of national tax Wu, of existing formElectronic passenger ticketStill cannot as submit an expense account effectively proof, but the passenger can await machine building information desk to exchange traditional airline ticket in home, as submit an expense account effectively proof.

3.Electronic passenger ticketHow to deal with board the plane formalities?
The passenger is heldElectronic passenger ticket, no matter which multiply oneAirlinewhich one airliner, simply awaits bar of business affairs of electron of office of machine building home setting out to white cloud airport, have be worth staff member assistance to deal with only board the plane formalities.

4.Electronic passenger ticketCan you change, does the lot turn reach return a ticket?
Electronic passenger ticketLike traditional airline ticket, can according toAirlineThe regulation is changed, the lot turns with return a ticket.

5.Electronic passenger ticketThere is a holiday?
If the passenger passes this website to buy directlyElectronic passenger ticket, won't exist to order a phenomenon phonily; If the passenger passes what dot of airline ticket sale agent buysElectronic passenger ticket, press pleaseElectronic passenger ticketMake clear on affirm encode has a telephone call or the network inquires.

6.Electronic passenger ticket
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