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Manual of domestic aviation passenger
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Decide a passenger to be only after the seat that decide appropriate, ability seizes the opportunity by the passenger ticket of this seat that decide appropriate. Passenger but basisAviationCompanyconcerned compasses is directionalAviationCompanyBooking office orAviationCompanyProcuratorial booking office books a seat. Already decided the passenger of appropriate seat, should pressAviationCompanyThe time limit of the regulation that buy a ticket buys a ticket. If did not buy a ticket inside the time limit that buy a ticket, what decide a seat to be cancelled automatically namely. Contract unit should be decided by contract agreement.

Passenger of passenger identity document is bought ticket and when seizing the opportunity, must show the proves its identity effective certificate that is in charge of sectional provision by Chinese government.

The passenger that buy a ticket buys a ticket to should show his effective identity document fills in " the passenger decides a sheet " . Buy ticket of children, baby, should offer the valid proof of the birth date. The passenger that weigh disease buys a ticket, should unit of hold medical treatment those who issue is comfortable prove at what seize the opportunity, viaAviationCompanyAgree rear can buy a ticket.

Hold of seat reconfirm passenger decides the couplet Cheng of appropriate seat or round-trip passenger ticket, if above stays 72 hours in this couplet Cheng or return trip place, the station must leave before two days in this couplet Cheng or plane of return trip airliner midday 12 when previously, formalities of conduction seat reconfirm. Otherwise, decide a seat not to grant to withhold formerly. If the passenger arrives at the time of couplet Cheng place not to exceed cent 72 hours, can not need to deal with a seat again card involves procedures.

Passenger ticket passenger ticket is restricted only him fare that the full name lists on passenger ticket is used, must not be made over and alter, otherwise, passenger ticket is invalid, bill section is not retreated.

Passenger ticket has the day that deadline passenger ticket begins from the journey to rise, carry inside a year effective. If passenger ticket was not used entirely, rise from the day that fill in, carry inside a year effective.

Ticket price of passenger ticket fare shows the passenger reachs destination airport by airport of ground setting outAviationCarriage price, do not include the ground transport costs between the airport and urban district. AviationCompanyThe fare that announce applies to nonstop scheduled flight to carry only. Fare of revolutionary disability soldier, children, baby:
(one) revolutionary disability soldier by " card of comfort and compensate a bereaved family of revolutionary disability soldier " , press applicable fare 50% buy a ticket.
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