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Electronic passenger ticket uses notice
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Airline ticket is being ordered on the net is with existing aviation the service is a foundation, use Internet technology, below new medium requirement, offer for the passenger more convenient and quick all-around service. The regulation that the ticket buys on the net is as follows:

One, use regulation:
1.The passenger that use member blocks must be abided by " law of civil aviation of People's Republic of China " , " home of passenger of Chinese civil aviation, baggage carries regulation " reachCivil aviatonEach concerned regulation that total bureau issues.
2.The passenger is ordered on the net by the regulationElectronic passenger ticketHind, my company is inspected namely already ordered airline ticket with the passenger. If the passenger has other demand, press namely " home of passenger of Chinese civil aviation, baggage carries regulation " concerned regulation is dealt with.
3.The passenger should abide by a government strictly to be in charge of a branch to takingCivil aviatonFlight place wants the regulation of effective certificate, assure the lawful sex of certificate and effectiveness, those who because this kind of problem arises,be like by accident the consequence such as machine is in charge of by him passenger.
4.Disable passenger, pregnant woman, wait for a few more special fares without adult company children, because need to deal with concerned special service formalities, need to explain beforehand.

2, suitable scope: Apply to all home flight number that Guangzhou goes back and forth between.

3, service instruction:
1.BuyElectronic passenger ticketThe passenger that the member blocks can log onto a website according to corresponding card number and password, enter airline ticket to sell a system to undertake the ticket is operated deciding. YourElectronic passenger ticketThe record that order can log onto a website to undertake inquiring (in the record that buy a ticket examine inside one column) .
2.The passenger must carry effective certificate and member card, white cloud airport arrives to await bar of business affairs of electron of office of machine building home setting out in before the airliner takes off 45 minutes, by be worth personnel assistance to deal with only seize the opportunity formalities. If did not arrive on time,bring about by accident machine, by seize the opportunity person proper motion is responsible. If the condition that offers airline ticket of false papers falsely claim as one's own happens, processing of mechanism of deliver public security.

4, the network buys bill provision:
1.The passenger wants the process to the ticket is being decided on the net and content to be in charge of, accountability fill in according to the facts all and relevant data, so that engage by special arrangement serves trader,connection affirms support service matters concerned. If express some content in sheet because of deciding a ticket disloyal or what already was changed and cause is sequential, be in charge of by passenger proper motion.
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