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What is APP system?
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App system is the abbreviation of airport fare processing system, this system is offerred for the airport board the plane control, airliner deserves to carry reach the service such as baggage billabong.

App system construction is civil aviaton total bureau announces the main task that civil aviaton informatization built 2002. Before civil aviaton total bureau asks 2002 handling capacity of the implementation before the end of the year is resided 100 home airport installs App system and operation of put into production, and appropriate is special capital gives support. Chinese boat letter is China at present the biggest App serves a supplier, the specific construction that is in charge of this project is carried out. Current, the airport that Chinese churchyard battalion carries has 129, the airport that already used Chinese boat to believe App system to serve has more than 40. 2001, airport of processing of system of App of Chinese boat letter leaves a port passenger volume makes an appointment with 46.7 million person-time, occupy Chinese airport to leave a port about 59.9% what the passenger measures.