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The N that goes to the airport is planted method
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Go newThe airportN circuit
NewThe airportSystem of traffic of road of pass in and out is in east, medium, 3 direction have 3 each on the westFreeway, come from Guangzhou center the city zone east, western face, and even the passenger of the circumjacent area such as Fosan, Dongguan all but need not traverse Guangzhou city old the city zone and arrive at quickly newThe airport.
East the citizen of old the city zone such as bay of hill, sea bead, Li from oldThe airportThe road is enteredThe airportHigh speed new city collects fees the station is nonstop newThe airport. Pass by expends 15 yuan. Area of the Milky way, yellow Bu can walk along Hua Na fast artery, go up north 2 annulus high speed, receive newThe airportFreeway. Pass by expends 30 yuan.
After core road north transforms project complete to radiation, build trestle two end part as wide as core road garden stands on the west hand in and newThe airport3 yuan in stand hand in conterminous (former core Lu Anyuan establishs 3 fluctuation that hand in on the west full line and formerThe airport3 yuan in establish the fluctuation that hand in to be brought be demolished) , thereby road of implementation general core and newThe airportFreewayBecome an organic whole repeatedly.
Go to from the eastern sideThe airportCan adopt 105 countries method, from in the west go toThe airportBut by 106, 107 countries, go to from northern partThe airportCan enter continuously through 108 nations line newThe airporthigh speed entering the arena.

Go newThe airportN is planted means
1, byCivil aviatonBus
NewThe airportAfter investment is used, 150 luxurious and comfortable "Airport express" 24 hours provide a service. NewThe airportTo circuitry of Guangzhou urban district head period enlightened A, B two, big public house of Hua Sha of preliminary make choice of is start, wayCivil aviatonBooking office, arrive newThe airport, full-length 34 kilometers, b line with Guangzhou train east the station is start, way garden cafe, arrive newThe airport, full-length 35 kilometers.
Respect of long-distance passenger transportation, respect of long-distance passenger transportation,, Airport express" the line such as Dongguan, Fosan is added on the foundation of line of existing Shenzhen, Zhuhai. After the plane below the passenger, take "Airport express" can arrive directly at circumjacent city conveniently.
2, drive oneself
FromThe airportHigh speed is nonstop. Full-length of 24 kilometers newThe airportHigh speed road is one-way collect fees it is 15 yuan (one, 2 kinds of cars) , time of drive a vehicle 20 minutes of less than. If require pass the night, car can stop in
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