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Is the safety belt when taking a plane useful?
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Aviation trade public figure reminds: Safety belt must not be duped the plane to furnish
Boat steward is doing safety belt to use south demonstrate

Sina aviation dispatch (Li Zhiquan photography reports reporter Xu Qintao) Ms. “ ladies, gentlemen, our plane is about very quickly to take off, ask you to had sat on the seat, fasten good safety belt, pack up the word of this paragraph of broadcast of steward of ……” of back of a chair of straight seat of teapoy board, attune, believe the fares that had taken a plane are not new, department safety belt already became the routine when seizing the opportunity. Regard flight safety as the significant step of safeguard, helmet of the safety belt on the plane and car safety belt, autocycle is same, not be a kind of decoration absolutely. Once encounter the jolt in sky and other and accident situation, safety belt can rise to protect action. This one small band, in crucial moment, be in plane flight or rise fall in the process, rising to control the your body, your work that ensures person is safe to use. Especially urgent below touchdown circumstance, it can maintain your life. Come for years, civil aviaton is on this one link also never dare laches, however, still passenger of quite a few objects about fastening the regulation of safety belt to civil aviaton.

Is · safety belt useful?

Once aboard chats with respect to the problem of safety belt and passenger, the idea that feels to have a gentleman provides quite representative: “ sat so much second plane, had never confronted the lofty spirit of a nation of the Jing in sky, bumpy with respect to that one small conference, not quite. Arrived smoothly surely every time destination, say to should have an accident really really, can a belt remove this trifling again much big effect? So I feel the department does not fasten safety belt to be indifferent to all the time, since steward exhorts repeatedly, still check in turn, I am removing safety belt of the strung when falling, ping Fei hind loosened, because uncomfortable, hinderous. ”

Really our flight majority is safety, but sudden circumstance still always is some. On October 17, 2007, from the home that Kunming flies to Hong Kong airliner of some airline XX341 in the sky is in Hong Kong to encounter strong air current, the plane is in 10 seconds drop from 6400 meters headroom 5800 meters, not was a young more very safety belt and going up the space that the passenger of the toilet is cast to engine room, bump to the ceiling, share 45 passengers to get hurt. On March 6, 2008 airliner of some airline XX322, fly to Guangzhou from Sydney, by way of is Philippine in the sky when, be bumped by clear sky, 4 passengers get hurt, have many 20 passenger additionally slight and unwell. In getting flesh wound fare, already affirmed having 3 guests get hurt. According to statistic of international Civil Aviation Organization, in 79 bumpy accidents, because the plane encounters onflow, although do not have one person death, but 125 people suffer serious injury, 226 people get flesh wound, ” of the person that great majority “ suffers disaster reminds because of disregarding steward, ignore safety belt protect action and be harmed.
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