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A few notes that enter a country
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Foreigner embarkation touchs American territory, must be in most the airport that lands first is dealt with enter a country formalities, i.e. accepts what emigrant Guan Jihai closes the member that close to examine in the airport. Former examination passenger comes to the beauty qualification, whether can i.e. enter a country; Latter checks the passenger's baggage to whether answer class custom duty, or banned article should grant to confiscate.

1, enter a country inspection procedures

(1) passenger is guided enter a country examination room, according to entry visa different, queue up to expect an inspection.

Hold the person that be not immigrant visa (F1) should be discharged immigrant is not in Nonresidents() team, the person that hold immigrant visa or green card is in Citizens/residents(dweller) cavalcade.

(When 2) is turn for you to get check, passport, I-20 or IAP-66, I-94, reach customs declaration to give along with all the others emigrant official is checked. Want to know, hold passport and visa do not assure to be able to enter a country. Because visa gives holder the right that the requirement enters a country only, allow its to enter a country, hold go up in emigrant official body. Emigrant official can check “ blacklist ” , see this foreigner whether be on a list of names posted up, if go to there has been bad record in the immigration office, ever was left the country by v/arc escort from one place to another for example, there is a trouble namely when entering a country.

(3) conventionally, immigration office official can ask you a few questions, these problems are the mainest is the abode ground after deciding you come to the beauty (the ****Univ) , purpose that comes to the beauty (Studing) , reach carry how many money to wait. Need not nervous, easy answer can.

(Official of 4) immigration office asks a question, can reach affix one's seal of ━ of order of the lot on I-94 to make clear in I-20 or IAP-66 enter a country date, sign make clear visa identity and the deadline that enter a country legally again. If you are held (F-1) visa, the United States will allow you to stay to the necessary fixed number of year that school work completes in the beauty. Accordingly, the retention that normally emigrant official can express in I-94 is restricted column hits D/S(durationofstatus) impress. If you support commutative learned man (J-1) visa, the United States allows you to stay inside specific time only, must assiduously |study the course of demonstrate of the place on IAP-66 to exchange scholastic station in order to maintain. No matter you hold F-1 or J-1 visa, the period of efficacy of the passport when you must notice to enter a country must keep more than be being booked in beautiful retention to be restricted from beginning to end a 6 months above.

(5) emigrant official is met I-94 leave the country the part tears down, the hammer is on the passport, make the 3rd page of I-20 or IAP-66 along with all the others return you. (You should affirm additive data is not had instantly by accident, if have,the fault asks to correct instantly by accident. The farewell after leaving bar goes asking or ask a question, can add troublesome) in vain only. You want ten million attention, i-94 is to prove you enter a country legally exclusively American certificate. Although be a piece of small paper only, must keep validly together with the passport during resident United States. If losing, beard to draw near the immigration office applies for to reissue.
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