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Take a plane to give a few established practice of travel
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  Decide a  
After the passenger is deciding appropriate seat only, the passenger ticket that can decide appropriate seat by this seizes the opportunity. The passenger can reserve a place in each airline booking office or acting booking office. Already decided the passenger of appropriate seat, if did not buy a ticket inside the time limit that buy a ticket, what decide a seat to be cancelled automatically namely.

Seat reconfirm  
Passenger hold decides the couplet Cheng of appropriate seat or round-trip passenger ticket, if above stays 72 hours in this couplet Cheng or return trip place, the station must leave two days in this couplet Cheng or return trip airliner midday before 12 o'clock, formalities of conduction seat reconfirm. Otherwise, decide a seat not to grant to withhold formerly.

  of return a ticket
The passenger leaves station time 24 hours in airliner regulation less than, ask 2 hours before of return a ticket, need to pay ticket price 10% before expending; to provide time leaving a station in the airliner for return a ticket two ask in the hour of return a ticket, of the return a ticket of the 20% requirements after expending; to leave station time in the airliner for return a ticket of collection ticket price, press by accident machine processing.   

Passenger ticket loses  
The passenger loses passenger ticket, answer to apply for report the loss of sth to concerned airline or person of its sale agent with written form, need to offer enough proof. Before the passenger applies for report the loss of sth, passenger ticket already was risked to use or of return a ticket, airline assumes responsibility no longer.

By accident machine  
By accident machine department shows the passenger did not press formulary time to do appropriate to seize the opportunity formalities or because its travel,certificate does not accord with a regulation and fail to seize the opportunity. Passenger by accident after machine, if ask to change follow-up airliner, follow-up airliner has the situation that produces a seat to fall, concerned airline should give actively arrangement, do not close by accident opportunity cost. After plane passenger provides time leaving a station in the airliner, ask by accident return a ticket, need to pay ticket price 50% for by accident opportunity cost.

Baggage compensation
If happen to lose or damage,consign baggage, be in charge of compensating for by airline, indemnity does not exceed a RMB every kilograms 50 yuan. Be like baggage hand value every kilograms under 50 yuan when, press real value compensation.   
  of baggage statement value
Consign baggage RMB of every kilograms of overbalance 50 yuan when, can deal with baggage statement value, the statement value surtax with airline corresponding collection. Statement value cannot exceed the time value of baggage itself. The ceiling of baggage statement value of each passenger is a RMB 8000 yuan. Such a baggage is missing, airline presses statement value compensation.
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