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"Solo flight " should notice what item
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To make children of ” of “ solo flight leave more smoothly, civil aviaton respect reminds broad parent and child to note 3 big questions:

It is ” of “ solo flight seizes the opportunity date is best as stagger as height of travel passenger flow.

2 it is the airliner that best choice takes off by day, because night flight or navigation often has certain effect to the child's mood, also can receive station job too late to bring a lot of inconvenience to destination to the station.

3 it is to should accomplish “ 4 do not want ” : Do not let the child carry the forbidden band article such as knife of peashooter, toy; Do not carry 2 bottles of above and the carbonic acid beverage that cubage exceeds 500 milliliter; Do not change at will the personnel that receive a station, must notice to take telephone call of a few connection more; The child solo flight that does not let contract the disease such as rhinitis of heavy cold, acute, because body unwell child is in flight process,appear easily the symptom such as tympanitis of sex of vomiting, dazed, aviation.

So, how should deal with ” of children of “ unmanned company to serve? The parent should apply for to booking office ahead of schedule, after buying airline ticket, look after children to be worth machine bar to explain with service personnel ” of children of conduction “ unmanned company serves to the airport. Service personnel can guide the airport to accompany children to enter without the adult install check, have detailed bid seize the opportunity infant full name, age, sexual distinction, home address, receive send means of the parent, contact, destination, seat signal, have without the history card that consigns baggage to wait for content random and accessary, adorn to the child ” of children of special “ unmanned company gets stuck. When boarding the plane, the staff member can serve a plane children personally, arrangement goes to the lavatory in the clerk in sky the designation that take care of area. After reaching destination, the staff member can meet the child in received close hand.

Civil aviaton staff member warns broad parent, according to the regulation, the ” of children of “ unmanned company of every airliner has quota of people to restrict: 100 above air bus cannot exceed 5, 70 —100 less than cannot exceed 2 —3 name, 70 cannot exceed name of a —2 below.