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Buy a few small doohickey of low airline ticket
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  ■ book ahead of schedule (if shift to an earlier date 7 days, 2 a month, months) and buy airline ticket, airline can offer privilege commonly;

■ keep away from as far as possible travel hot line or give a fastigium, if airline ticket compared petty gain in September, enter in October the golden week, airline ticket affirmation is expensive;

■ should learn to use certificate (wait like card of military card, student's identification card, teacher) get stuck with the member of a few airline (constant passenger gets stuck) , airline will be right on fare special fare tilts somewhat;

■ choose representative of Wu of large travel agent, large ticket to buy a ticket as far as possible, because Wu of these travel agent, ticket acts as agent to have long-term cooperation with airline,concern, the chance that takes bigger proportional favourable airline ticket is much, also can buy a ticket directly to airline.