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The scheduled flight that takes airline of German Han Sha needs a few item of th
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Take scheduled flight of airline of German Han Sha to need watchful item
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Since November 6, 2006, set out in European Union churchyard the airliner admiral that reachs a favourable turn / already restricted carry liquid goods to board the plane. This limitation is applicable and all set out from European Union churchyard reach flight number of a favourable turn, also apply to the airliner of all Germany churchyard.

Carry the liquid in baggage and jelly to taste, if protect skin and hairdressing things to wait to be able to be only below the premise that accords with following regulation,carry:

Its capacity must not exceed the recipient that * tastes of liquid and analogue 100 milliliter (it is in order to include the size that mount indicates accurate)

All * container must load entirely transparent, can repeat unsealed polybag inside (like ”) of polybag of “ zip type, its cubage must not exceed a litre

* can carry a polybag only each

* this polybag must be in safe examination place to be shown alone

The drug that must take engine room and special provision (wait like infantile food) can be besides polybag carry. This kind of article also must check personnel to show to safety.

The article that does not accord with dimension regulation and polybag prohibit taking a plane. Since September 29, 2006, the United States already was flown to in its reach similar provision was implemented on airliner of a favourable turn (90 milliliter container restricts) . However at present, german airport flies to the recipient that allows to carry 100 milliliter on American airliner in its.

In the flight number that European airport or European Union register, for example: The free commodities that German Chinese Sha buys on airline scheduled flight, carry inside the bag that can load to had been sealed, still must show at the same time shop that day proof (the flight number that the United States goes before be not being applied to or code share airliner) . Enclose to what place buys goods will undertake by the store that sells this goods.

Ask you to visit Www.lufthansa.com of website of airline of German Han Sha to know the detail of newest regulation directly before set out.

Airline of German Han Sha cannot bring to bear on to this code any influences, accordingly, in reminding a passenger to plan in the journey advertent and relevant provision, carry the most indispensible portable baggage article only.