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Hong Kong - ABV- Abugu
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Only then hair ground: Hong Kong
Destination: ABV- Abugu
Range: Hong Kong - ABV- Abugu
Airline: KQ- Kenya airline
Airport of ground setting out: Airport of perversing horn of Hong Kong bare
Set out the latest date: 2009-03-31
The briefest retention period: 0 days
The longest retention period: 30 days
The price: One-way 5900
Go there and back 8900
Remarks: Fare uses regulation:

1. journey: Yan of Qiao of quiet Chun Si shows? freight rate identical;

2. favourable fare:   goes straight towards fan of  of scoop up with a dust pan to be like?5% going straight towards Zhang, infantile fare is the 10%; that announces fare

3. baggage: ?0 of sex of muching adj/LIT wide of arrogate to oneself kilogram baggage;

4. cannot be signed turn, cannot change the journey, be restricted to take the airliner; of Kenya airline

5. above fare with RMB settle accounts, do not contain any taxes.