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Beijing - AGP- Ma La is added
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Only then hair ground: Beijing
Destination: AGP- Ma La is added
Range: Beijing - AGP- Ma La is added
Airline: Empty company of boreal Ou Hang
Airport of ground setting out: Beijing capital airport
Set out the latest date: 2008-3-30
The briefest retention period: 5 days
The longest retention period: 365 days
The price: One-way 8780
Go there and back 5980
Remarks: Fare uses regulation:

1. favourable fare: 75% what children fare is adult fare; Infantile fare is 10% what announce freight rate;

2. cannot be signed turn, cannot change the journey, limitation takes the scheduled flight of empty company of boreal Ou Hang;

3. above fare with RMB settle accounts, do not contain any tax, if fare has change, anger do not inform separately!