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Guesthouse of Shanghai Oriental aviation
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Hotel brief introduction: Guesthouse of Shanghai Oriental aviation is ceaseless on soft hardware construction pursuit is perfect, had the standard of hotel of business affairs of fast star class and requirement, establishment all ready, form a complete set is perfect. More than 280 guest room is refined and pure and fresh, all guest room all deserve to ADSL broadband is received, guest is in house during stopping the seeing and hearing that the feeling that can appreciate the skyline on Internet freely to very close and satellitic TV system bring is enjoyed. Of leisure, can browse appearance of Shanghai bustling town and condition of bank of Suzhou river water through capacious and bright window more. Guesthouse sets administrative floor and smokeless floor only. The advanced administration public figure that corridor of wine of open up administration enters for every provides place of luxurious have a rest and small-sized assembly room. Hold to “ to go after outstanding, render service to repay kindness society, satisfactory service, prep above the service tenet of all ” , faculty of guesthouse of Shanghai Oriental aviation will try hard to offer first-rate Wu for every guest.
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