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Landscape is fashionable hotel China sends inn
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Hotel brief introduction: Public house of Shenzhen landscape fashion is located in business of Shenzhen city's most flourishing Hua Jiang north to encircle, it is the contemporary omnibus public house that with international design of level of 4 stars grade builds, belong to hotel of Shenzhen city landscape to invest afterwards of administrative limited company the another bend mental efforts after inn of Mei Linshan watery wine is made, perfect ’ of the ‘ innovation that reflected pursuit of landscape person place, individual character, grade. The of all kinds and novel guest room that the hotel has extremely rich fashionable color and atmosphere 198; Be located in the hall of palmy sunshine Western-style food of 3 buildings, 20 meters high large and hollow court, diffuse 12 beautiful sunshine, giant and palmy trees are exuberant, build the city oasis with one quiet and jolly place for you. Additional, the hotel still sets business affairs place, can muti_function assembly room, quantity peddles ballroom of center of arrange of workshop of house of type KTV, tea art, 0775 flavour, Korea, business affairs, companionship, bar to wait for establishment of form a complete set, can provide all-around service for the tourist, can undertake to sum up all sorts of banquets such as meeting, victory meeting, wedding breakfast and conference activity end of the year. Public house of Shenzhen landscape fashion is located in busy streets, making aperient profit is its largest dominant position, the hotel is apart from Baoan airport only 25 kilometers; Be apart from a railway station only 3 kilometers, solid the good choice that is business affairs personage.

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