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Guangdong abundant tells big public house
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Hotel brief introduction: The hotel is located in mart of new the city zone of Guangzhou city the Milky way, south Xi Linhua fast artery, city of boreal adjacent Guangzhou can exhibit a center, be apart from Guangzhou train east the station needs a car 8 minutes to be apart from only, traffic is convenient, office building of around business affairs and high-grade house building are bristly, situation is very convenience. Abundant connects ” of big public house is Guangdong saves one class the wholy-owned hotel that abundant of “ of civilian battalion enterprise opens follower of construction group ” . Hotel building is 30 tall, total floor area 37000 much square metre. Integral design presses a country level of 4 stars grade, use 21 centuries new technology, the country is classical in style assemble with contemporary tide be well versed in. Have of all kinds and luxurious guest room 70 2, all deserve to change business affairs system with intelligence, style grace, it is the point that your ideal house stops. Have as an attached institution has large tide hall of type cate city, Western-style food, bar, muti_function center of banqueting hall, business affairs, hairdressing beautifies hair, the establishment such as the nightclub; Set healthy center at the same time, room of card of center of sufficient massage of cafes, wash one's hair, chess is set to wait inside.

Favourable policy:
Book policy: On October 6, 2008 - on October 13, 2008: All rooms offer free broadband to get online avoid receive the service of 13% to expend given free by the publisher that day newspaper a;