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East is silver-colored a hotel of beautiful the rank of nobility
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Hotel brief introduction: Oriental silver international residence is residence of class of a 5 stars, repose in area of center of business affairs of cropland of Shenzhen city blessing, with the enlightened bamboo forest land end 2004 iron station joins, the car Cheng that to Luo Hu railway station and Shenzhen International Airport part to have 15 minutes to mix 20 minutes only. Be located in residence the member club of 25 buildings, iron plate of Western-style food hall, Japan is burned and birthday manages, wine corridor and house of red wine cigar everything needed is ready. Case increases place of the meeting in elegant sky, for business affairs the party is chosen superexcellently. The business affairs center of residence can offer fax service, color to print, the file is bound, live the service such as glue, interpreter and express. Additional, the healthy center of residence, you can have a good swim to the top of one's bent inside constant temperature swimming-pool or body and mind exercises in gym.
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