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Fishing in relief restaurant
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Hotel brief introduction: Be located in the bright horse riverside with pretty scenery of Beijing the eastpart part, center of distance international exhibition and swallow Sha center have Cheng of 5 minutes of cars only. The meal of the hotel is hot capital, became famous in order to jump over dining-room of elegant a small room most especially. Beijing fishing in relief restaurant is in 1992 practice, 1999 overhaul, the building is 29 tall, mutual room 374, the area between mark 25.5 square metre. Be apart from downtown 15 minutes, railway station 12 minutes, the airport 20 minutes. Restaurant is apart from Yan Sha / international exhibits a center 5 minutes area of car Cheng, diplomatic mission (German diplomatic mission / Iranian diplomatic mission / edifice of apartment of personnel of Australian diplomatic mission, diplomacy, capital; Restaurant has office of card of swimming-pool, sauna, fitness, billiards, chess, song; Have the assembly room that can hold 300 people. The hotel is had plain, rash, dish of another name for Guangdong Province, Western-style food, chaffy dish, the daily life of a family, roast duck.
Assure the latest time: 18:00
Favourable policy: On October 8, 2008 - on October 8, 2009:  of muching Yan of Zan of frequency of department of leg of eye of Lai of Jing of Tao of √ of Ken melt Guang ton does grain M carry  ?
Book policy: On September 22, 2008 - on October 31, 2008: Guang of the sliding weight of a steelyard of leg alarm Zi [frequency brights; of portion of? of Jin of fear of  of Ze of frequency of  secondary 

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