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Hong Zhang 199 yuan a dozen unpaid tickets, said Taobao travel will be re-rele
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9 o'clock this morning, the first round today Taobao 199 yuan special travel tickets on sale in Hong Kong. Less than 3 minutes, the first round of 60 Special tickets have been sold out enthusiastic consumers. However, there are a dozen sheets and has been photographed special ticket unpaid. Taobao travel staff said that more than 30 minutes unpaid special fares, will be re-released the next time, today's special fares will not reduce the total number of sheets. Analysis, 199 yuan special ticket requests must be December 22 to February 2 flights to Hong Kong, some users may be photographed and found time to handle the exit permits, or other travel problems, so no payment confirmation. Today, Taobao none other promotional activities starting a large number of consumers to see the specials on the film, it could be an important reason for causing this situation. December 21, Taobao start the year's most "to force" of none other promotional activities, "the National berserk" (qiang.taobao.com): Taobao clothing during the event, food and general merchandise, furniture textiles, cosmetics, jewelry, digital participate in the activities of home appliances, the average sales price of goods around the half of the amount, and the audience 包邮. Attracted a large number of users waiting for early morning, the data show activities began early this morning, 1 minute, activity audience that more than 1 million transactions a success. Taobao travel reminders, the ticket is a special commodity, especially in Hong Kong and Macao to Hong Kong need to apply for permits by the end of time will be more consumers to purchase discounted tickets in a good idea to determine whether there is a good travel plans, so as not to affect other users to buy. According to the event page (http://www.taobao.com/go/act/sale/199hk.php?ad_id=&am_id=1300408023867e6531ae&cm_id=&pm_id =) introduced, 199 yuan special ticket will be in Hong Kong today, 12 points, 15 points 18 points, 21 points were on sale, was canceled after the ticket is not paid will be re-released in the next period, sending a total of 300 throughout the day. Do not get 199 yuan for special users in Hong Kong flights, travel Taobao chronological order in accordance with orders, each purchase of ID value of 305 sent a ticket to Hong Kong Disneyland, the same as the total number of 300. Hong Kong each year from early December into the shopping season, so ticket prices at the end of the hotel are rising. It is understood that air tickets to Hong Kong to Shanghai, for example, general flight to Hong Kong to Shanghai in January to nearly 2,000 yuan, the New Year, Christmas around the higher. As usual Taobao trip airfare, hotel prices generally lower than other channels, the activities are in the rigid demands are fierce when it introduced to consumers means that a large number of real money savings.