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Return air ticket booking increased fertilizer prices climbing higher and hig
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Although there are nearly two months from the Spring Festival, but the passenger ticket booking holiday home increased significantly. Reporter learned yesterday, as the Spring Festival return air ticket booking passengers increased significantly, from mid-January 2011, arrived in Hefei city outside hot ticket prices began to heat up in late January to the basic sales at full price, however, from the Hefei tickets to fly to foreign cities, still can enjoy the discount. The annual spring are difficult to get a ticket, railway stations and ticket queuing packed scenes, so many people choose instead to fly home. Although from the February 3, 2011 Chinese New Year and nearly two months, but advance booking return tickets of passengers has increased significantly. According to a business travel company who introduced Hefei, since early January next year, domestic ticket prices rise the basic steps presented, January 10 is a demarcation point, and after a 10 ticket prices began to rise significantly; January 23 is also a up node; from 23 back, basically to ticket prices are high, and prices in the 28 to gradually reach the peak. "Now, Hefei, Beijing ticket to fly three Sizhe can buy, but from the start in January next year, ticket prices rebounded sharply. If on Jan. 25 after the return of the peak in the New Year, Beijing, Hefei, tickets have been flying by full price sales, 990 yuan with the airport construction fee and fuel surcharge, requires a total of 1110 yuan. "Yesterday afternoon, Hefei, a business travel service company staff said. With the field than selling air tickets to fly Hefei, Hefei ticket prices to fly overseas a lot cheaper. Also next year, January 25, Hefei ticket to Beijing, is still about three Sizhe, "as long as 400 yuan to buy."