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Ticket worth more comprehensive service travel agency down solicit tourists
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Travel solicit competing charter tourists Yangcheng Evening News reporter Yan Ying, Huang Cuiping correspondent reports: blowing from the tourist charter flights last year boom in the size of the gold through the summer and several weeks later, the number of charter flights is constantly refreshed, Year of the Rabbit Year Golden Week, a new high number of charter flights. This reporter has learned, Guangdong travel agencies in general optimistic about the continued rise of the tourism market, ho throw a few billion global charter package bit, who is expected to travel throughout the Spring Festival in Guangdong outbound travel market will total more than 150 charter flights. The industry said that since last year, with the Maldives, Bali, Koh Samui, Phuket and other non-stop charter flights opened, Guangzhou, Hong Kong origin status has been stable. Direct flights not only save time, but also bring price concessions, South Lake and the two newly opened national tour charter flight route travel abroad not only to the people of Guangzhou more convenient than before, but also the college newspaper expenses decreased 1800-5000 per month. Guangdongzhonglv said if the charter flights to Australia, will save 800 yuan per ticket money. Surge in international flights originating in Guangzhou Back home side said that the charter is now expected to go to Japan 6, Australia chartered six, and then fly to the Maldives flights every Thursday and Friday off for many years, the frequency of outbound travel during the Spring Festival is expected to be not less than 20. Spring Festival charter flights Guangdong CITS program, including to Australia about a thousand seats, to the Americas more than 300 seats and go to Japan more than 200 seats, at least 14 charter flights. Guangdongzhonglv Japan route and Australia also did route the deployment of at least four charter flights. Travel agencies said that these figures will increase with the number of newspaper groups has been adjusted. And travel agencies keen to "charter Reserve bomb" similar to airlines around the world invariably originating in Guangzhou increased investment in international routes, so that the amount of international flights originating in Guangzhou surge. This reporter learned that Egypt Air will perform Dec. 16 in Guangzhou non-stop flights in Egypt, no longer stop by Bangkok, more than 300 seats all "allocated" Guangzhou; and non-stop Dubai-Guangzhou route, Emirates airlines increased from seven to six classes per week per week to achieve a plane every day; Southern Airlines flight from Guangzhou to Dubai direct flights, the only fly every day, 3 day non-stop voyage more, the maximum daily capacity of up to more than 1,200 people a week are up to 8600, passenger volume is 7 times in 2008. Moscow, Guangzhou, China Southern Airlines non-stop flights a week from the previous three shifts to two shifts every day. The new face of increased direct charter flights This reporter learned that the line travel agencies international flights charter flights has increased. In addition to the original Guangzhou direct the Maldives, Phuket, Koh Samui, Sabah, Sapporo, Japan, Australia, Cairns and other "signs charter products, but also added some new direct route." South Lake CITS, said during the Spring Festival travel exclusive launch of the "Guangzhou non-stop Adelaide (South Australia)", "Shenzhen direct Auckland, New Zealand," the two routes are currently in Guangdong direct flights to two destinations flights. Why is it so keen to charter travel? Large state-owned travel agency, a Chief Operating Officer, told reporters reflected the strength of charter travel agents, but also a travel agency image advertising, travel agencies in recent years has been popular in the city. The above sources, reported that charter flights for tourists groups to provide more seats. Moreover, from the service, said travel agencies can choose to charter flight, the aircraft flight can be coordinated with the airlines by travel agents to provide more opportunities on the service.