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China Unicom 116,114 to carry out a free ticket spike promotion
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With the Games approaching and the northern cities starting from the thermal cooler temperatures, Guangzhou and other southern coastal cities to become the preferred travel travel north, the China Unicom for domestic travel enthusiasts timely introduction of Two great value promotions. November 1 from December 31, China Unicom information navigation 116,114 will launch a nationwide "gift from Guangzhou half of the amount, free ticket every day, rob, and benefits of new and old customers happy," the Business series of promotional activities. During the event Users can book call 116 114 300 units per day in major cities to Guangzhou, China between the half-price tickets, and 4000 and from the special room the night. It should be noted that the 116,114 launch of "free ticket spike" activity, the user dial 116 114 14:30 every afternoon spike free tickets, the first five spike any successful user access to the domestic value of 1,300 yuan routes Ticket. Learned that the two-month "courtesy all passengers 一号 Ding world" activities are the first in the country of China Unicom at the Shanglv promotional activities, in addition to the Guangzhou busy routes 300 Tao daily half-price machine Tickets outside the event there are two areas of concern, one is "Phone spike" ticket event, which is the first time Internet users are interested in buying mode transplanted to 116,114 calls and text messages. It is noteworthy that, the user can not only understand the program details by calling 116 114, can also log on China Unicom and China Unicom information on online business portal website navigation half-price tickets for flights between Guangzhou, information, and " Phone spike "activity of the specific details. Ordinary mobile phone users can also visit China Unicom" fertile portal "WAP site navigation inquiries or information.