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Shenyang Shijiazhuang fly cheap airline tickets of 9 ELEMENT
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Binhai New China News Net reporter learned yesterday, from October 19 to 28, the first domestic budget carrier - Spring Airlines to fly its Shijiazhuang - Shenyang route to launch ultra low-cost part of nine yuan ticket (not including airport construction fee and fuel surcharge), the route has become since the Shijiazhuang airport departure cheapest airline tickets flights.

9 per ultra low-cost flights will continue until 28

It is reported that Chengdu Spring Airlines - Shijiazhuang - Shijiazhuang, Shenyang route - Shenyang full price tickets for 840 yuan. Previously, the lowest fares 99 yuan, the equivalent of 2 full price tickets fold. Launch 19 to 28, equivalent to 0.1 to 9 yuan ticket discount, booked date, Oct. 29 from adjustment of the route of the lowest fare is 59 yuan.

Spring Airlines Sales Manager Wang Xinmin Shijiazhuang introduced between November after the New Year's Day is the traditional off-season air. The launch of Shenyang, Shijiazhuang, to 9 per super cheap airline tickets, aviation is the company's off-season promotions should move. The ultra low-cost 9 yuan per trip ticket is about the number of flights serving the load factor of about 5%, an average of 10 up and down.

"9 yuan special ticket reservations can only log on Spring Airlines web site, and can not be endorsed and the refund." Wang Xinmin said.

Can lead to market "earthquake" to be observed

Yesterday, 17:30, Spring Airlines web site login reporters that today, 24 to 28 9 per special fares are still outstanding, as long as travelers can easily visit the website to book. 22 23 9 yuan special fares have been booked.

This reporter learned that a few years ago, Spring Airlines in Jinan - Shanghai route launched one yuan ticket (All prices are excluding airport construction fee and fuel surcharge), in the country was causing a sensation. This time, the company launched 9 per ticket in Shijiazhuang, Shijiazhuang aviation market can lead to the "earthquake", said the need to observe the aviation industry.

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9 per ticket is not a "vicious competition"

Introduced for the Spring and Autumn "9 ELEMENT cheap" ticket, it was considered a "vicious competition" is suspected.

In this regard, Wang Zhenghua, chairman of Spring Airlines have also said in an interview as a cheap airline Spring Airlines and other airlines are misplaced business, one that does not exist over customers. The airline has its own fixed regular visitors, business travelers, while the goal of Spring Airlines is "not take a plane" or "because tickets are too expensive and less air," the crowd.

The industry also applauded the move, low-cost airline that is not under the same standards of service price malicious competition, but differences by lowering costs and services to achieve the low-fare operation support.

There are people in the industry that there is only 9 per ticket for 10 days, and only 5% of the number, this is actually a publicity hype Spring Airlines only.