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National Day travels, price of airline ticket diving appears on the market
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National Day travels, " of price of diving of airline ticket " appears on the market

National Day golden week has not arrive, after National Day holiday paragraph home swims of circuit " diving price " had come ahead of schedule " report for duty " . Yesterday, travel agent of Guangzhou much home announces the price of go on a journey of National Day later period in succession, the reporter discovers case of travel expense of the home after October 3 falls madly, highest fall amount to 3 into the left and right sides, and the circuitry such as Guilin, Huang Shan, in before National Day 3 days of prices between difference is as high as 800 yuan.

Say according to travel agent, in former years receives pair of markets to hold as a result of airline and ground forbid, dare not decide easily depreciate extent, a week before often wanting the golden week ability general " diving " price of organization airline ticket rolls out the market. Now year, each are big airline had announced airline ticket ahead of schedule " diving " valence, for instance, guangzhou goes back and forth between the group airline ticket of Guilin, the price rebate October 1 is 7 fold, and the price October 5 needs only 3.5 fold; The airline ticket that Guangzhou goes back and forth between Huang Shan also by October 1 7.5 fold, fell October 5 4.5 fold. Around of airline ticket price is cheap 600 multivariate, receive a part to depreciate plus the ground, the tourism group price that set out on October 5 is even cheaper than price of summer vacation time even.

Because airline ticket price drops, travel round price began to appear from 5 days relatively substantially drop, the reporter investigates discovery, after the golden week that this travel agent rolls out paragraph depreciate circuit basically centers the travel flourishing line such as Yu Guilin, Huang Shan, Beijing, Guizhou, Kunming, league membership dues depreciates highest nearly 800 yuan.