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Busy season of airline ticket of Euramerican course privilege buys ticket doohic
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Busy season of airline ticket of Euramerican course privilege buys ticket doohickey much

Be in " Jin Jiuyin 10 " aviation busy season, the Euramerican course that one ticket seeks hard rolls out privilege in succession however. But of mostly favourable airline ticket book time and give a time to differ a month, kept away from ably in September, " 11 " , the gold period of time such as the Spring Festival.

As a result of travel, business affairs, study abroad the converging attack of three-ply passenger flow, one ticket requests the airline ticket that Shanghai went to the main city such as European London, Paris in September hard. And British airline slants want sing a different tune -- the passenger arrived on September 1 during September 30 book Shanghai classics London to reach Europe the airline ticket of tourist class going there and back of other city, preferential price case is 4490 yuan, this one price is reached only at present in Europe course is normal the half of the price, and the tourist class price of Shanghai London going there and back also has 3990 yuan only. Very fast Wei Zhenhang is empty also follow-up announces: Should be in only 25-30 daytime ordered Shanghai to go back and forth between airline ticket to the tourist class between London in September, exceed low with respect to what can enjoy 3500 yuan. Beautiful couplet boat is unwilling also and doleful, express to came in September from this year next year the specific time during March paragraph inside, any one takes first-class stateroom cabin of beautiful couplet boat or business affairs cabin to go back and forth between the passenger of Shanghai and United States, will acquire 3 days of two evening " the brigade of free and luxurious Thailand " , toward Bangkok, general Ji Huoqing strides one of 3 ground to appreciate the intertropical view of local charming and gentle before.

If look carefully,do not pass, can discover among them secret: These privilege kept away from mostly actually September, " 11 " , the gold period of time of a travel such as new year's day, Spring Festival. Enjoy the passenger of airline ticket of privilege of flower boat above, must arrive on October 1, 2005 between March 31, 2006 set out, kept away from in September; 3500 yuan exceed airline ticket of low dimension precious, give a date to must be in on October 21 - on December 26; And the Thailand that should obtain ship of couplet giving the beauty swims, board the plane from what Shanghai goes back and forth between the United States date must come 25 days on September 12 more, came on October 3 on December 15, came 23 days on January 3 next year or came on January 30 during March 15.

And above part airline ticket still gets the limitation of many conventions, must not change autograph, return a ticket, and return time limit is shorter also, because this passenger buys the beard before the ticket,ask to understand limitative requirement.
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