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Case of travel expense of home of airline ticket entrance ticket rises in price
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Airline ticket entrance ticket rises in price in succession case of domestic travel expense rises to be become at least


Say according to manage, by March the first ten days of a month was annual April the last par that spring travels period, the asinine friend that price of tall sex of be particular about compares can take the advantage of this sky when go on a journey. But when the citizen Mr Wang went yesterday when travel agent signs up, discover the home that sends a group since April 5 swims however circuit rose in price completely, 89 little yuan, 669 much yuan.

Original, before paragraph of price of time country airline ticket go up tone, entrance ticket of each great respect area is executed in succession " season price " , travel agent must in advance rises in price.

What ● goes up is aircraft line

"Delivered round aircraft line April, we raise quoted price, have 10% at least. " the week director of travel agent says peaceful Bokangtai, the bottom still wanted 1500 multivariate Beijing 5 days to swim only in March, these two days of attune arrived 1700 multivariate; Shuang Fei of channel of 9 stockaded village swam 5 days to go up from 2100 yuan 2400 multivariate.

Those who go up at most swim when several Hainan. According to introducing, division of Hainan travel expense is very solid March, live the price of hotel of 4 stars class needs the seaside only 1100 yuan, hainan Shuang Fei 4 days, 3 inferior the line that enters big talk, need 999 yuan only. "But April this price is to be done for certain not know clearly. " week director says, hainan swims 5 days to had gone up 9669 yuan, reckon 51 golden weeks can exceed 2000 yuan.

● airline ticket implements summertime price

"Aircraft line moves price, still basically rise in price because of airline ticket. " the Shao Zong of black force in Ning Bo says, recently, airline respect already began to implement summertime airliner price, airline ticket price go up in succession tone, at present the plane ticket travel agent of low discount has been taken very hard. It is reported, resemble in former years this moment, ning Bo goes back and forth between the tourism group of Beijing, travel agent can take the airline ticket that loses to 3.5-4 commonly, but had gone up now 6 fold.

Similar case still appears in Ning Bo to go back and forth between group of Kunming, Chengdu, big talk, Home Zhang to wait for circuit to go up, average every swim the line can have 200-300 yuan go up. According to travel agent introduction, the airline ticket discount that at present they take, than going up March 1-2 is folded.

● entrance ticket rises in price mad also

Begin from April, the entrance ticket of Home Zhang group will go up to from 160 yuan 245 yuan, island of Xiamen strike wave will begin collection more than yuan 80 on insular cost, also will rise this year without the scene area entrance ticket such as stannum, Suzhou a few yuan differ to a few yuan. In addition, the new price that a few home such as channel of 9 stockaded village, Huang Shan move on well-known view area also is brewing in.
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