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Indonesian plane develops track airframe to rupture
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Xinhua net Jakarta on November 30 report (Di Jingsheng of bridge of reporter Yu Qian) according to Indonesian in Java omits authoritative information, indonesian hero lion a wheat of airline - 82 model the plane was in towards evening that day in a runway rushs when Thoreau of Java famous city descends, at present death already rose to 23 person, get hurt add to 61 person.

According to the report, this airliner date is j t - the plane of 538 flies to Si water from Jakarta, there are 146 passengers on machine. It is reported, the soup such as heavy rain and thunder encounters after the plane takes off, control is lost to slip when descending to Thoreau airport a runway, crashed the baluster of the airport and protect a net irruptive the paddy cropland around. A passenger that is called Badaer says, he heard detonation, plane airframe ruptures, there is a large hole among cabin.

Local fireman and police still are mixed in rescue the wounded at present search for survival