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Super- confuse charter flight to chase after exceed female Shanghai to fly Chang
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The concert entrance ticket of a piece of Zhou Jielun does not cross 1000 yuan, chase after " super female voice " medium person energy of life exceeds female, the price that perhaps pays is bigger. As " super female voice " the abidance of upsurge, on one hand if the fortune of program accumulative total rolls bigger more like snowball, other one party

Exceed female although absorbing, but many culture celebrity female to exceeding however brought social appearance adopts cautious attitude. Literary essayist Zhu Dake and Zhang Hong happen to coincide the ground will exceed female phenomenon regard as to be a kind " the whole people is orgiastic " , contain many not rational elements among them, also existing the danger of unbalance. Exceed mediumly in the match personally female because orgiastic and lose ego, be in personally because the audience outside the match is orgiastic and loss direction.

Notable is, with only teen-age child chases after Zhou Jielun to differ, angle exceeds female vermicelli made from bean starch a lot of had worked to get married even. For " super female voice " , they not only all the day bubble is on the net, not hesitate even delay one's work, abdication also wants flying Changsha to watch fight, more because somebody exceeds with what the lover likes to differ female, proclaim part company, regular job and life were thrown into confusion.

Chase after astral expense to go up at every turn 1000

The gas that seek a person exceeds female, how many money should spend after all? The fact of a be left speechless with wonder or fear making a person is: Before transcending female race on July 29, beijing exceeds confuse charter flight to drive go to Changsha, for oneself God boost the morale of, and this kind of pay, there is Luo Dayou only before " enjoy " over- . Crude guess, go Changsha, lodge only and food, be about to cost 1200 yuan, still do not include cost of delay one's work.

And this is not individual phenomenon. Count Zhou Qian, first of eye forefathers gas exceeds female Zhou Bichang " vermicelli made from bean starch " an open Zhang name is stuck in some website, hope " the pen is confused " people eagerly contribution, earning money buys mobile phone check entirely, use at the short message poll support God. Many " vermicelli made from bean starch " be being bought is 89 yuan, hind this contribution activity is cancelled because of be suspected of collecting money illegally.

Not only such, a lot of exceeding female " vermicelli made from bean starch " still made sheet of various souvenirs, conduct propaganda for God, cost naturally about a hundred thousand. The maize show that when Li Yu spring was performed on July 29, wears is taken also is what song confusing buys, only this one expense is nearly 1000 yuan, "Vermicelli made from bean starch " people included a big bus for her even, a propagandist banner that is as long as 8 meters was played in bus flank.

Young child the aunt is to exceed fan
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